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Rickie Fowler for 2UNDR

I've photographed Rickie for 2Undr several times over the years. I've photographed him for other clients too, including TGL and NBC Sports. is an apparel brand and they're well known for the drawers. Underpants. Underwear. Whatever you want to call them, they're comfortable! Rickie has been awesome through the years. He's friendly, present and even suggests a few poses or ways to make the shot better. When you work with an athlete that has worked with the top brands in the world, his views are important and extremely valuable to a shoot.

Without this post sounding like an ad, I hope you visit the 2Undr website. They've sent me boxes of goods to photograph throughout the years and their lineup is awesome. I'm wearing their shorts right now, and they're super comfortable. The polo shirts and tee shirts were crazy soft and comfortable. They have great hats and socks too!

If you're a manufacturer that needs photography content for social media, marketing, advertising, emails or store displays, give me a call. I want to help. I'm an Orlando, Florida based photographer. I make photos for advertising, public relations, marketing, branding, trade shows and publications.

Below are a few behind the scenes photos and a display from the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida.

Cy Cyr is an Orlando, Florida photographer. He's been a Golf contract photographer for multiple brands for decades. He also photographs other sports people, CEO's, politicians and much more.

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