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The Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament presented by Mastercard, my hometown Orlando, Florida favorite tournament.


The Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament presented by Mastercard took place March 4-10 this year, and as always, it was a terrific event. This year, Scottie Scheffler took the win, and players from Australia, Sweden, South Korea, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Japan, Austria, England and the United States came to play their best. 

I’ve shot this event many times since 2001. Wow! I had to think and do the math, but that's 23 years! It takes place at the renowned Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge in Orlando, known, naturally, for being the winter home of former owner Arnold Palmer. The 27-hole championship course is familiar to many who watch golf on TV and holds challenges for golfers of all levels. 

There were several special events that week, including Throwback Thursday, the Patriots’ Outpost and Pro-Am tournaments. With a $20 million purse total and $4 million to the winner, this is a Big Deal tourney that always attracts top-tier players. 

THE CLIENT ~ The Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament presented by Mastercard

The Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament moved to the Bay Hill Club & Lodge in 1979, providing unparalleled competition and stellar playing from the biggest names in the golf world. It’s a key slot on the PGA TOUR. For 45 years, the Arnold Palmer Invitational has hosted the best players in the world on a legendary course set among the tropical splendor of Central Florida. 

Mr. Palmer once said, “You must play boldly to win.” This competition favors the bold and the accomplished to bring together an awe-inspiring event for players, fans and spectators. 

“You must play boldly to win.”


It was great working in Orlando, where I’ve lived for 20+ years. I stopped many times while working to say hello to familiar faces, which felt awesome. I took the opportunity to photograph groups of people, which I turned into the client.

One of the best moves I made all week was hiring Boston photographer Omar Rawlings. Omar and I went to the same photography school, just during different years. We met while covering previous golf tournaments.  He was a great addition to the team!  


In addition to seeing so many friends and colleagues, another cool thing happened while I was photographing a corporate section that players had to walk by. A little secret to shooting corporate event photography is to photograph the area while it’s empty and full.  When you need it empty during the play, you have to wait or walk with the fan favorites. 

Rory McIlroy always brings the fans. I’ve photographed Rory dozens of times and would never even think of saying hello during his round. And I didn’t. However, he winked at me as he got near the corporate section between the 15th green and 16th tee, and then tapped me on the shoulder when he walked by. I looked up and my client was standing just five feet from me and noticed the shoulder tap. He said, “Well, I guess we hired the right photographer.”  

I gave him a big smile and asked “You saw that!?” I explained that I’ve photographed Rory many times for GolfPass and Golf Channel and even photographed him in Ireland with David Feherty, the day after he won the Irish Open. It’s moments like this that remind me that I truly love my job!

“Well, I guess we hired the right photographer.” 

The best compliment a client can give you.

This job included overall event coverage for advertising, still, and editorial photography. The photos will be used online and in future event promotion. If you need coverage for your event, call 407-592-6990 or contact us today. I can assist with all types of still, video and drone photography.


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