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Advertising Photography

The classic use for commercial photography is to elevate advertising, branding, or marketing efforts for your business.


Cyr Photography

  • specializes in creating stunning visual content for businesses and individuals

  • has years of experience in creating eye-catching and impactful photography that helps businesses stand out in a crowded market

  • showcases products and services in the best possible light, using the latest equipment and techniques to deliver images that are sure to impress 

  • understands the importance of creating a consistent visual identity across all marketing channels


Headshot Photography

A professional portrait  

  • helps people make a great first impression

  • is a high-quality headshot essential for the modern business person 

  • is used on social media, LinkedIn, and email signatures

  • is more important than ever in today's digital age

  • helps to create a strong online presence and establish credibility 

Green Screen Photography

Cy Cyr has extensive experience working with green screen photography, a technique that involves photographing a subject in front of a green screen. The green background is then replaced with a different image during post-production. It’s useful for a variety of photography needs from commercial to editorial photography.

Green screen photography

  • is ideal for portrait photography 

  • allows a custom background that matches the client

  • provides a unique and personalized portrait that stands out from traditional studio portraits

  • is great for advertisements, product shots, and marketing materials

  • is used for product or model shots and can be placed in any setting— a cityscape, a horse farm or a tropical beach 

  • gives greater control over the final image and can create a more compelling and impactful visual message

  • is used to create special effects and enhance the visual storytelling of a production 


Trade Show Photography

Trade shows have a vibe that should be conveyed with photography. Cy Cyr Photography specializes in capturing the excitement and energy of events, conventions, and exhibits. 

Trade show photography

  • provides high-quality images that showcase your brand and create a lasting impression

  • showcases products and services

  • highlights agendas such as keynote speakers to networking events

Still Photography 

Capturing high-quality still images of video production allows clients to use these images for marketing purposes. These images can be used in print advertisements, social media posts, and on websites to promote the production or product being filmed and create buzz around it.

Still photography

  • uses Sony’s flagship mirrorless camera during filming which makes no noise, so you can shoot continuously

  • gives social media followers a glimpse into the production process and creates excitement around the final product

  •  provides a library of images for future use through the video process

  • gives clients a wealth of visual content they can use to promote their brand and their product


Drone Photography

Commercial drone photography allows Cy Cyr Photography to capture stunning aerial images and videos for a variety of industries. Whether for real estate, construction, or event photography, drones provide a unique perspective that traditional photography can't match.


Drone photography 

  • is especially useful in real estate by providing a comprehensive view of the property and its unique features 

  • offers a “bird's eye view” of the property and the surrounding area, so clients get a better sense of the location and the property's features

  • is great for construction site clients to capture an up-close view of the progress and see the work site from a different perspective

  • captures aerial images and videos of events, great for outdoor events, festivals, and sports games

  • provides unique and dramatic views of natural and environmental features, such as coastlines, forests, and mountains 

Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography can capture stunning images of homes, apartments, and commercial properties. Cy Cyr will make a property look its best, showcasing its unique features and selling points. Along with using DSLR cameras, Cy is also FAA Part 107 certified to operate a drone camera.


Real estate photography 

  • is used in marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, emails and websites 

  • can create virtual tours, allowing potential buyers to view the property from the comfort of their own home 

  • is used in commercial real estate, from office buildings to retail spaces; high-quality images are essential for attracting potential tenants and buyers 

  • is used for real estate agent promotion to create a connection with potential clients, establish trust, build rapport and represent your personality and brand

Horse - Hermes.JPG

Equestrian Photography

Equestrian photography is a specialty for Cy as he and his wife Robin own and operate a hunter-jumper farm together. Whether it’s capturing exciting action shots as a horse and rider clear a big jump or one of those special moments of connection with a horse in the barn, Cy Cyr Photography can provide stellar shots. 

Equestrian photography 

  • can be used for sales brochures that feature the best assets of the horse

  • can capture candid shots on the jump course, in the barn, or on the trail to capture those special moments with your horse

Wedding Photography

For that special day, Cy Cyr Photography can capture all those special shots that create lifelong memories. From formal portraits of the bride and groom, to family group shots on the day of, to candids of the guests and wedding party, you’ll have beautiful photos to celebrate your wedding.


Wedding photography 

  • can feature formal portraits and is usually done before the actual wedding day. They’re often of the bride, groom, and family members, whomever the client chooses. 

  • can capture group shots of the wedding party on the day of the ceremony per your instructions

  • can also provide unique shots using a long lens during the actual ceremony

  • can capture candid shots of the wedding party leaving the venue, at the reception, and throughout the ceremony events

Political Low rez .jpeg

Politician Photography

Cy Cyr Photography can capture the excitement and essence of political campaigns and movements. Cy has covered elections, local board meetings and even a George W. Bush campaign stop. He has worked with many politicians at all levels in Florida. Politician photography is used in mail campaigns, websites, social media and with the general press. 

Cy Cyr Photography

  • has experience working with numerous politicians and campaigns, and we tailor our approach to fit your specific needs 

  • can help with headshots, event coverage, or campaign trail documentation; Cyr has the experience to deliver

  • understands that time is of the essence in a political campaign, and is able to work quickly and efficiently 

  • understands the importance of discretion, and takes great care to ensure that your campaign’s privacy is protected

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