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Orlando Car Photographer

There are a million reasons to hire an Orlando car photographer, but Turo is the most recent reason I was asked to photograph this Mercedes SUV. The owner contacted me to see if I was available and knew of any spots for photos in East Orlando.

I've been driving through Avalon Park, Florida to get to the airport and other places and always noticed that there's a nice curve in the road, which would present a nice opportunity for a dynamic photo of a vehicle. When the client called me, I had this spot picked out.

We met up on a Saturday morning around 8am. The streets were not busy. I took out a few light posts in the distance and cleaned up the background a little bit. And then it was off to The client was pretty pumped and let me know that the car had rented out several times more than normal the next few weeks. I was pretty excited to offer the service and photograph this beautiful car.

Orlando, Florida car photographer for Turo
Orlando Car Photographer in Avalon Park, Florida



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