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No matter your profession, hobbies or interests, a professional headshot will elevate your image and enhance your credibility. A professional headshot helps you make a great first impression, and is essential for the modern business person. In today's digital age, having a professional headshot is more important than ever; it helps to create a strong online presence and establishes your credibility. Headshots are used on social media and LinkedIn, on company websites, are linked as your avatar on many platforms, and are even used in email signatures.

Headshots are crucial in today's digital age. Your headshot is often the first thing people find when they search for you on social media, professional networks, or news stories. Your headshot should convey confidence, trustworthiness, and professionalism, which can help you stand out in a competitive job market or industry. And let’s be honest—selfies don’t cut it.

You want a professional headshot that works for you.

You want a professional photographer who works for you.

Cy Cyr Photography has decades of experience and understands the need to connect with a client and convey the right message. Your photo session will focus on what makes you look your best and will send the right branding for you. Whether you’re sporty and athletic or formal and sophisticated, Cyr Photography will get that feeling on the page.

Package Options and More

Cyr Photography has three different headshot package options to suit your needs and budget. Our 45-minute package is perfect for those on a tight schedule, while our 90-minute and 2-hour packages allow for more time and outfit changes to capture the perfect shot. We can do either traditional headshot from the chest up or a half-length from the waist up.

Cyr uses top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to ensure your headshot is of the highest quality. Your photo is customized in order capture your unique personality and brand in each photo. These sessions are perfect for actors, musicians, business executives, entrepreneurs, marketers, real estate agents, sports coaches, and anyone looking to elevate their personal or professional brand.



Get Ready for Your Photo Session

A solid, dark shirt, preferably with long sleeves, is suggested for a business headshot. Of course, if your profession has a specific “uniform” (a doctor’s white coat or a golfer’s T-shirt), then those can be worn as well.

For business people, a light shirt and a dark coat works well. The point is to bring attention to your face, not the clothing. The goal of a business headshot is to convey approachability. Your business headshot should make someone want to contact you and do business with you whether you’re a doctor, real estate agent, job applicant, actor, or entrepreneur. Everyone needs a regularly updated headshot.

Grooming should be complete with neat hair, a tidy beard or mustache and minimal jewelry. If you use makeup, a light hand in applying and using a brand with a matte product that won’t reflect glare or shine works best.

Contact Us Today for Your Headshot Appointment

You want a professional photographer who works for you, to customize your photo session and help create that great first impression.

Our headshot photography services are affordable and accessible for everyone. Invest in your professional image and let Cy Cyr Photography help you stand out in the crowd.

Contact us or call 407-592-6990 today and you’ll see what a difference a professional headshot can do for your business.


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