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Florida Beach Proposal

The coolest part about this Florida Beach Proposal was that I was able to hang out on the beach with our son and act like a tourist while Matthew was sweating bullets!

I photographed Matthew for several golf advertisements throughout the years. He's an excellent model represented by several agencies. He texted me a month in advance of this proposal. He considered location, times, driving, family and friends attending and so much more. I FaceTimed him while he visited the gazebo location at New Smyrna Beach during that time. I told him exactly where to stand and then kneel for the best chances of a great photo. I told him, "don't you dare turn your back to the camera!"

His execution was perfect. He arrived on the beach, walked past my boy and I and walked up to the gazebo. I quietly followed with my Sony 70-200 lens and capture the special moment. She had no idea I was there. After the champagne and chocolate strawberries, we went on the beach for some romantic photos. These two people are beautiful!


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