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Do you want to improve the look of your golf course in 2022? 

Golf Course Photography Coaching

Cy J. Cyr is a contract photographer for the biggest golf organizations and brands.  His work can be found at  He has photographed well over 300 golf courses for GolfNow, NBC Sports and Golf Channel. He's also a contributor to the Tour, Golf Digest and GolfPass. He has photographed public courses with inexpensive tee times to the most private clubs in the world. There is a strategic formula to producing great photography at any course and he wants to share it with you.


Our mission is to coach golf course owners, superintendents, marketers, employees and golfers to improve golf photography for social media, advertising, websites and more.  Regardless of what camera or phone you’ll be using, your photos will be improved.




  • Introductory 15 minute Zoom, FaceTime or call session with Cy.

  • Your golf course map with 10 - 15 places to stand, what time to stand there and where to aim your camera, cell phone or drone, delivered in 5 days.

  • Two 45 minute Zoom / FaceTime sessions with Cy, lets go make some photos! 

  • A PDF checklist of tips and tricks to help improve your golf course photos.

  • A PDF guide to using SnapSeed, a free app that helps edit photos. 

  • A 10 Day process, start to finish.

  • Any and all golf courses, worldwide.

  • Apply below.


Here's an example of a Golf Course map with suggestions on where to be, where to stand and where to point the camera for sunrise and sunset hours.


Elevating your dslr or phone camera on a pole or using a drone will also be covered before our live session. 

Golf Photography Tips and Tricks

This $30 Painter's Pole Adapter is one of the best kept secrets to making great golf course landscape photos! This device allows you to place your camera on a painters pole or even a broom stick.  Being elevated 5 -25' is a huge benefit in making golf course photos.  

Golf Course Photography Coaching Application

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Golf Course Photography ran a photo story from Cyr when he photographed golf courses at night, including this shot from Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, Montana. 

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