Matt Every Bay Hill

Congratulations to Matt Every, back to back winner of the 2014 & 2015 Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, Florida.

I was able to make a few photos of Matt warming up on the range with golf coach Sean Foley on Sunday, March 22, 2015.

Cart Girl

The Secret Life of Cart Girls was published in the April issue of Golf Digest Magazine.  It involves many of my friends including models Tiffany and Dan.  Thankfully, comedians Nick Pupo and Jason Hunter also joined in the fun and provided many laughs throughout the day at Rio Pinar in Orlando.

The story can be found here:

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Here’s a screen shot from to promote the story:

Cart Girl

Cart Girl

Sarasota Dolphin

Sarasota Dolphin

Sarasota Dolphin

Beach and ocean goers were in for a real thrill on August of 2014 as a dolphin made several jumps out of the water not far from shore.  This photo was taken from the fifth floor of the Lido Beach Resort in Sarasota, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.

Lightning and the Milky Way in Sarasota, Florida

Lightning and the Milky Way in Sarasota, Florida

A lighting storm in the Gulf of Mexico can be seen under the Milky Way.








Thanks to all the people that helped me make these portraits!

If you really, really, really want to see below those fuzzy ovals, click on my home page.  You’ve been warned… it’s not pretty.

From top left, Kim. Looking great Kim!  This pose is downright painful.  My neck will be sore for days.  We didn’t attempt the champagne photo.

Me.  (Thanks for shooting my photo Craig Kotilinek @!)  Here’s my MySpace page.  Instagram and Twitter.

David Byrne – Thanks David! I met David through the Golf Channel.  David won Big Break Palm Springs, a golf reality show!  (Happy Birthday Dave!)  Here’s David’s Twitter and Instagram page.

Casey Bourque –  Thanks Casey! I’ve known Casey since the age of 5, when I had to ask my mom if he was a boy or a girl.  Casey and his wife Tina run a successful website design business.  They also help golfers raise butt cracks of money.

Roger Van Sluis –  Thanks Roger! Roger is an Orlando business owner and loves giving back to the community.

Sam Quinn –  Thanks Sam!  Sam works for a great Orlando business and has been a friend for many years.  Rumor has it, he can rehab a bathroom in a weekend.

Craig Kotilinek – Thanks Craig!  I can’t take all the credit, considering Craig took my photo.  Craig is a videographer based in Orlando, and frequently travels the globe.  Video camera companies give him shit for free, which means he has more money to spend on surfboards.

Ricky Shapiro – Thanks Ricky!  Met Ricky through the Golf Channel many years ago and unfortunately, he’s still a Yankee’s fan.  Oh, and he can’t pose for shit.

Not pictured:

Robin!  Thanks LT for crafting the best damn hairpiece!  And so much more.

Don – Joan – Jeff Cyr.  My parents and brother.  Because they’re funny.  And that’s where I get it from.

Jean Paul Goude – A photographic legend,  Mr. Goude’s photo graced the cover of Paper Magazine.

Adrienne Sosbey –  Thanks Adrienne!  You know what you fucking did.  She’s a photoshop genius and can now include “ass retoucher” on her resume.  Rumor has it that she oiled up a few of these men.

Dondi Sanchez –   Thanks for the creative Orlando studio space for us to use!

Dena Davis – Dena is an Orlando personal trainer and professional hand-stander.

Ryan Totka – Thanks RT!  Celebrity Booking Agency owner that has passed along many lessons to me.




Arnold Palmer and Peyton Manning at Bay Hill

arnold palmer and peyton manning

arnold palmer and peyton manning

Arnold Palmer hosted Peyton Manning in his Bay Hill office during the 2014 Arnold Palmer Invitational.  Peyton was in town for an interview about Mr. Palmer’s famous autograph style.  The interview aired on Golf Channel.


Core Golf Academy

I love when my photos are displayed with great type, design and size!  It was great to work with Tom Jackson at Core Golf Academy on photography for his website and marketing materials.  And it was a pleasure to once again team up with designer Adrienne Sosbey.

Before this photo shoot, I had never photographed a golf academy.  If I went to this academy full time instead of golfing in Maine 6 months out of the year growing up, I might be on the PGA Tour right now!   Does it get any better than having Tiger Woods’ coach passing down his philosophies to your staff?  I don’t thing so. (more…)

Gretzky Boys II

Paulina Gretzky Cover Spoof

Gretzky Boys

WOW.  A silly little photo shoot turned into something bigger than we all expected.  Thanks to (in order) Paulina Gretzky (photo by Walter Iooss) and Big Joe Ellicott, Casey Bourque, Jesse Dunbar,  my brother Jeff Cyr,  Ninja Federico Celano,  Ernie Fairles, neighbor Bill Canavan and Mike Wieland!

I’d like to think that Big Joe Ellicott and Bill Canavan are some of the nations top models right now.  They’re being called by the biggest ad agencies, companies and modeling agencies in the world.  You’ll most likely see them in upcoming advertising campaigns for pants, sports bras, Gillette razors and Adidas shoes.

Here’s the original blog post.

Thanks for Golf Channel for producing this amazing video!

Thanks to Walter Iooss, my photography idol and legend who photographed Ms. Gretzky for the cover of Golf Digest.  I’ve assisted Walter dozens of times throughout the years and appreciate all the lessons.   Walter has photographed the top international models in the last 40 years… and I failed miserably to follow in his footsteps.

We’d like to thank all our families and people enjoying this ride with us on social media.  It’s great hearing from so many people!   It all started with you.  Three of us in the photo are originally from Biddeford, Maine.  If you haven’t checked out the southern Maine coast, you should!

We’ll be rooting for Dustin Johnson to win The Masters!!!

Cy Cyr is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Florida.  Contact him for your next project.

Special thanks to Holly from MyFox Orlando, who put on THE sports bra and pants and struck a pose!  Thanks HOLLY!!!!
FOX 35 News Orlando

Thanks to Carson Daly and the Today Show!

Thanks to Diane McInerney at Inside Edition

Thanks to USA Today, one of the first to share the photo!

And the increasing number of news organizations and writers that shared our photo!

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 3.40.10 PM Cy Cyr Golf Digest Gretzky Spoof Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 4.25.31 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 7.49.17 AM

Cover Spoof

Gretzky Boys

Gretzky Boys

Gretzky Boys

Photographer Walter Iooss is my photography idol.   His recent Paulina Gretzky golf cover sparked nationwide interest in Golf Digest this week.  And well… I have a sense of humor and called a few friends.

I’d like to thank:

“Big Joe” Ellicott, an Orlando sports radio host and owner of Uncle Joe’s Coin shop in Orlando.  You can listen to Joe every morning on the CBS 810 APP!  Follow him on Twitter!

Casey Bourque, my buddy since the age of 5, when we played hockey together in Biddeford, Maine.  He played in the 2004 US Open at Shinnecock.  Oh, and he won the Maine Amateur in 1995.  Follow him on Twitter and check out his Orlando web design business.

Jesse Dunbar, an Orlando realtor that dropped by before his men’s hockey game. Follow him on Twitter.

Jeff Cyr, my brother.  He’s a flight instructor and will get plucked up by the airlines within the next year… unless they see this.  This is not his flight uniform.  He’s not on Twitter or Facebook.

Federico.   I don’t know him.  He’s a ninja.

Ernie Fairles, originally from Canada, and a golf instructor.  Ernie plays the drums and enjoys showing his fiancé jiu jitsu moves.

Bill Canavan, my neighbor and second father.  He served our country and has installed conveyor systems around the world.

Mike Wieland, who works for a golf company in town.

Then there’s me…  Follow me on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook.  I photograph a lot of golf.   I’d like to work on your next ad campaign!

Hey Paulina, DJ and Mr. Gretzky, need a fourth?  Maybe we can shoot some photos before the round!  :)

And thanks to my sports agency buddy Ryan Totka, for being a website guru!

Cy Cyr is an Orlando, Florida photographer that photographs celebrities, athletes and business people for advertising, commercial and editorial purposes.  Contact him for your next project.

Colin Montgomerie

Gleneagles Country Club in Delray Beach, Florida provided the backdrop for Golf Channel’s Academy show featuring Scotland’s Colin Montgomerie.  Filming took place on February 10th an 11th, 2014.

Before filming even started, it was cool to see the looks of the women participating in a cancer fundraiser at Gleneagles as Monty got on the microphone and wished them well and sent them off in their scramble.

Here is Colin’s official website.

I got the chance to make many portraits and action shots of Colin.  In addition to filming segments on putting, short game and driving, he took part in a Ryder Cup interview that will be broadcast later this year.

The Golf Channel team busted out their 32 camera GoPro system.  The results are here.

Colin entertained the crew for two days with his skills, British humor and personality.  Be sure to check out the Colin Montgomerie specials on Golf Channel! 

Click links at left to see other golfers I’ve photographed for Golf Channel, Yamaha, Mitsubishi and more.

Contact Cy to hire a photographer for your next portrait Nationwide.  We photograph golf courses, staff and products.

Colin Montgomerie

Golfer Colin Montgomerie

Colin Montgomerie

Colin Montgomerie


Colin Montgomerie

Colin Montgomerie


Colin Montgomerie

Colin Montgomerie